Super Exciting Release!

Whilst I get through authoring my own book, we’ve released the new My Maths BuddyMaths dictionary to great response!

I am co-author of this new evolutionary dictionary. One can’t really call it a dictionary as it is so much more.

To sum it up in the best manner, here is what the Head of Maths at a prominent Johannesburg (South Africa) High School had to say about it:

  “The whole concept of this type of book is fantastic.  It is a very user-friendly book that is detailed and                                                                                                                           informative and would be a super tool for anyone trying to get through their Maths syllabus at any grade.

                                                         I found it to be a wonderful resource for me as an educator.  The definitions of the terms were written using language that was easy to understand.  The pictures, diagrams and examples helped tremendously in ensuring that the concept was fully understood and could be applied again in different examples.

                                                         In a nutshell, the book is fantastic. ” B.L.

We really put a lot of research into My Maths Buddy, ensuring it met the standards required to be a book that changed conditions for the positive. I know we attained our goal – almost 1000 copies sold in the first few weeks with no marketing having started yet! Mostly word of mouth.

So I invite you to have a look at it and be an owner. If you have kids at school, this WILL help them. With the decline of Maths in many countries, the future economic outlook is negatively affected. Less qualified professionals is a problem whatever country you are in. My Maths Buddy is a solution to resolving the current problem and preventing problems in the near future.

Try it, I know you will like it.


2 thoughts on “Super Exciting Release!

  1. Hi Paul,
    I have been following this development with considerable interest. So, how and where does one get/order the thing?


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