About Paul

For many years I have thought to write . . and been too busy with other interests or activities to do it. I have done many interesting things, seen different parts of the world and achieved a fair amount of living. But the bottom line was I hadn’t fulfilled a purpose of mine – to write.

Believing I would begin with a novel, I went about beginning my research. During this period, I became more and more aware of the problems kids encounter at school with Maths.  As a result I was part of a group of caring people who researched, developed, published and now distributes the highly acclaimed new Mathematics Dictionary, My Maths Buddy. This is a dictionary like no other, it has proven over and over again that when used, the results of the Learner using it go up – one-for-one – and their affinity for mathematics increases exponentially. It is now a resource in high demand.

Out of this experience, I was initially asked to do a workshop for a group of teachers on the book. This was so successful that I have now done over 40 workshops to around 4000 Learners and more than 550 Maths teachers, Principals, Heads od Maths Departments and Subject Advisors. I then converted the key elements of the wotkshops into a new book, a maths Study Guide for Parents who want to be feel helpless in helping their kids with their Maths. It is called Five Effective Ways to Help Your Child Succeed With Maths and has already sold a significant volume with excellent results.

next on the runway are a number of new and exciting educational resources. And then there are my personal targets to get my Childrens Series out – The Adventures of Mitch and Makhaya – and my  original target, ABZU, An African Epic. For those who have done research into this area and recognise the name ABZU, you can expect something exciting and somewhat contrevertial.

I expect to be doing a lot of research, a lot of networking and writing and most of all to persevere and succeed.

I have a special person to thank for her input which has helped me over the hurdle of the career change, my wife Angela, a very special woman.


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