Five Effective Ways . . .

After doing over 40 Workshops to Subject Advisers, principals, Heads of Maths Departments, Maths Teachers and Learners – over 550 teachers and around 4000 Learners – I realized

cover 5 ways that to bring my five key elements to understanding and improving maths to more people would exhaust me and lead to an inability to provide IF I did not convert those five key elements into a book and make it available for anyone to use.

Hence the birth of Five Effective Ways to help Your Child Succeed with Maths.

This book is the workshop in the form that any parent, or teacher, could use to assist their child or their Learners. it is really a study guide for parents, and teachers.


In this book are immediate ANSWERS and SOLUTIONS to help YOU help your child succeed with Maths.

Simple, easy to do exercises contained in the five methods for helping your child succeed will be mind-openers for you.

This book can help you help your child, and help you at the same time.

You can create a better future now for your child by using this book to help them understand and apply Mathematics 100 times better.


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