The Key to Understanding – Language

IMGP0010I would not call myself a linguist as that implies I have studied for some sort of qualification in the field of languages.

Instead I refer to myself as a languagologist. Still no formal qualification but I guess that, when understood simply means the study of language.

In my own research, and gaining the experience in the past three plus years in the delivery of workshops to over 800 maths teachers and more than 5,600 learners from Grade 4 through to Grade 12, I can confidently say that if one gets to understand the language of any subject, any profession or hobby or job, one will succeed with it.

It is not rocket science, but simply application. If one knows the definition (conceptually), the purpose of a word, term or concept and its association within the parameters of the subject or profession one is studying or applying, one understands. When one understands, he or she can apply correctly.

My forte right now is maths. I am the co-author of My Maths Buddy, a simply amazing tool for learners and teachers proven to improve results rapidly.

In applying these simple methodologies, we have moved thousands of learners up from struggling or mediocre maths performance to succeeding. Schools we have been involved with have reported marks oftentimes going up 5 – 20% in a matter of a couple of months.

The simple formula is to leave the teaching, being the content, to the teachers. We empower the teachers first and provide them with the methodology we have proven works. Then we help the learners with the simple building block of any education – understanding the language the subject is encapsulated within.

In fact I mentioned rocket science earlier on. If one were to get to conceptually understand the majority of definitions, purposes and associations of the words related to rocket science, he would be a successful rocket scientist. It really is that simple, ask any engineer, doctor, plumber. They succeed according to their conceptual understanding of the language of their profession, the purpose of each word or term and the associations of these words and terms.

Learning is simple. Content is understood and successfully applied on the back of understanding of the language of the subject.



New Maths Guide for Parents Brings Hope

Maths buddy back coverMaths buddy front coverI have been quite busy over the last few months to ensure the methods I use in my workshops with My Maths Buddy, our amazingly effective book, are made available to parents. These workshops have produced excellent results in schools across South Africa with thousands of Learners and Teachers. This new release thus contributes correctly to the circle of maths education: Parent-Learner-Teacher.

This is a new release specifically for the use of the parent – the first really effective  Maths Study Guide for Parents.

How often have you had the situation, as a parent, of needing to help your child with maths homework but its more confusing to you than to him or her?

How often as a result of this have you searched your area for a tutor or extra maths lessons?

Then when you expend hundreds, or even thousands, does the end result show a marked improvement in your child’s understanding of maths, or a decent enough improvement in results?

Here is your solution: Tired of your kids not succeeding with Maths? Thought there was no solution for you to have the confidence to help? Well, there is. FIVE EFFECTIVE WAYS TO HELP YOUR CHILD SUCCEED WITH MATHS takes the stress out of helping, adds the confidence and boosts your ability! Order now on the pre-launch special by emailing us at The retail is R155.00($14.50). The SPECIAL is R120.00 ($11.00). We will add delivery cost according to your location anywhere in the world.

A Maths Guide for Parents – Sorely Needed!

Since producing the very successful My Maths Buddy Maths Dictionary, I have been delivering seminars and workshops to over 80 schools throughout South Africa. On average I do two to three workshops per school, delivering to both teachers and learners.

The response has been amazing, but more so, the results produced with the kids doing better at maths, feeling more confident about the subject and more interested in it has been tremendous.

But, there was still a factor in the triangle of education. One the one corner we have the teacher, the second the learner and on the third corner is the parent. My Maths Buddy has proven to be an incredible resource for teachers and learners. we have had many kids letting us know how they have had improved results. A number of them achieving distinctions after using the book.

Our next question was then, “How do we help the parents to help their kids?”cover 5 ways

Based off the successful actions of the workshops, I have now developed and have close-to-ready for print, the book FIVE EFFECTIVE WAYS TO HELP YOUR CHILD SUCCEED WITH MATHS.

So far, the response is big! based off the surveys we did to ascertain what parents need to help their kids we found there are certain common factors between the teachers, learners and parents. Most common was the lack of confidence in the parents understanding of maths that led to a reluctance to get too involved in helping their kids. Rather send them off to a tutor and hope for the best. Expensive  and not always successful.

So my massage to parents is this:





These are just some of the questions that you will get answers to in this book!

PLUS you will get equipped with the exact tools that will help you to help your child and STOP their struggle with Maths for good!

This book brings you immediate ANSWERS and SOLUTIONS to help YOU help your child succeed with Maths.

Simple and easy-to-do exercises contained in this book will be mind-openers for you.

It is in your hands to create a better future for your child NOW by using this book to help them understand and apply Mathematics 100 times better.

Do not wait any longer!

Start doing it now!

We are doing a pre-launch campaign (the launch is due early November 2014). The Retail price of the book is R149.00($13.99). The special for the pre-launch is R120.00 ($10.99). Package and Postage is added.

If interested, email us at

Our APP arrives!



The digital age arrives for My Maths Buddy, our flagship publication. With the popularity of the book as a softcover and now being downloaded by many people as an eBook, we have taken the next step.

My Maths Buddy is now available as a Microsoft APP!

You can get it here:

Having helped thousands of kids so far better their understanding and results in Maths, the APP makes it possible for many more to download this fantastic resource and win!

We would also love your feedback on the APP, so let us know by adding your comment or email us on


Moving on with Maths

Two years ago our new publishing company released our first publication, My Maths Buddy. A unique and evolutionary Maths Dictionary that was done based off surveys of Learners and teachers as well as study into the technology of definitions and what is really needed to make a difference for one learning Maths.

Our book has been a great success with over 15 000 copies sold to date. We have also translated it into Afrikaans, one of the nine official languages in South Africa. We have had many many success stories from teachers and learners who have used the book and found it to help immensely with their understanding and ability to apply Maths. Kids from across the world are now using it because it is not only available in softcopy, but as an eBook as well.

In addition, we have done almost 50 seminars and workshops to subject advisers, Maths teachers and principals of schools as well as Learners on how to effectively use the book, including a new view on Maths. These too have had great success.

As a result, and to provide the information on what I go over in my seminars and workshops to parents specifically, a new book is soon to be released – Five Effective Ways To Help Your Child Succeed With Mathematics. This book contains the key successful methods used in the workshops which have been found to be invaluable to teachers and learners to date.

Now making them available to parents, who can then assist their kids with confidence to improve their Maths understanding, is a step towards helping far more kids pass maths with confidence. In the meantime, My Maths Buddy has been the solution to understanding Maths for many.

Stay tuned.