New Maths Guide for Parents Brings Hope

Maths buddy back coverMaths buddy front coverI have been quite busy over the last few months to ensure the methods I use in my workshops with My Maths Buddy, our amazingly effective book, are made available to parents. These workshops have produced excellent results in schools across South Africa with thousands of Learners and Teachers. This new release thus contributes correctly to the circle of maths education: Parent-Learner-Teacher.

This is a new release specifically for the use of the parent – the first really effective  Maths Study Guide for Parents.

How often have you had the situation, as a parent, of needing to help your child with maths homework but its more confusing to you than to him or her?

How often as a result of this have you searched your area for a tutor or extra maths lessons?

Then when you expend hundreds, or even thousands, does the end result show a marked improvement in your child’s understanding of maths, or a decent enough improvement in results?

Here is your solution: Tired of your kids not succeeding with Maths? Thought there was no solution for you to have the confidence to help? Well, there is. FIVE EFFECTIVE WAYS TO HELP YOUR CHILD SUCCEED WITH MATHS takes the stress out of helping, adds the confidence and boosts your ability! Order now on the pre-launch special by emailing us at The retail is R155.00($14.50). The SPECIAL is R120.00 ($11.00). We will add delivery cost according to your location anywhere in the world.


First Birthday Celebration!

Tomorrow is our company’s first birthday!

We will be 1 year old!!!

We would like to thank all those great people who supported us and believed in us from the very beginning and all those who still working with us, believing in us, supporting us, communicating with us, read our blogs and liked us on FB.

Our first product, My Maths Buddy, has really taken off and proving to be a needed resource for schools, teachers and kids at school. We have now started translating into Afrikaans and soon to do a couple of the other major international languages.

We are also due to open our UK subsidiary in a month or so. So thank you to all who helped us to get this far.

You can keep up with us on either

or visit our website at


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Mathematics Education needs a Boost

Looking specifically at the Maths results for South African schools in 2011 the future for economic development looks bleak. I refer specifically to the training of new professionals for our society – engineers, doctors, scientists and the like. Maths is the backbone of much of the professional, entrepreneurial and corporate management sector of any society, so a healthy pass rate at school feeds the requirements of our universities and thus our economy.

If one were to look at the results of the numerous ‘interventions’ in Maths education in 2011, these interventions didn’t produce what was intended. In 2010, the matric (Grade 12) pass rate in South Africa was 47,4%. In 2011 it dropped to 46,3%. But that is still a misnomer. South Africa has adopted ‘Maths Literacy’ as a subject. Most often, kids failing at pure Maths are relegated to Maths Literacy. No universities will consider Maths Literacy as a subject for any entry requirements. Further, if we deducted the Maths Literacy passing learners from the 46,3% for 2011, the actual pure Maths pass rate was 24%!! That is shocking and does not bode well for the future.

So how do we solve the problem.  Maths experts have been grappling with the problem for some years. Extra Maths teachers are cashing in. Extra Maths workbooks line the shelves in bookstores and supermarkets. Still, the problem persists.

But there is a solution and it is here. If one wanted to converse or do business in a specific language, he or she would want to become literate and conceptually understand communications given in that language. Well, Maths is a language. So. . . I know it’s too simple, but lets just get the kids literate in Maths. Help them gain conceptual understanding of the words and terms of Maths. Then they can apply what they know.

Simple, put a My Maths Buddy Maths dictionary in their hands. It works, because it addresses each of the key points related to the words and terms of  Mathematics.

learn more at

Super Exciting Release!

Whilst I get through authoring my own book, we’ve released the new My Maths BuddyMaths dictionary to great response!

I am co-author of this new evolutionary dictionary. One can’t really call it a dictionary as it is so much more.

To sum it up in the best manner, here is what the Head of Maths at a prominent Johannesburg (South Africa) High School had to say about it:

  “The whole concept of this type of book is fantastic.  It is a very user-friendly book that is detailed and                                                                                                                           informative and would be a super tool for anyone trying to get through their Maths syllabus at any grade.

                                                         I found it to be a wonderful resource for me as an educator.  The definitions of the terms were written using language that was easy to understand.  The pictures, diagrams and examples helped tremendously in ensuring that the concept was fully understood and could be applied again in different examples.

                                                         In a nutshell, the book is fantastic. ” B.L.

We really put a lot of research into My Maths Buddy, ensuring it met the standards required to be a book that changed conditions for the positive. I know we attained our goal – almost 1000 copies sold in the first few weeks with no marketing having started yet! Mostly word of mouth.

So I invite you to have a look at it and be an owner. If you have kids at school, this WILL help them. With the decline of Maths in many countries, the future economic outlook is negatively affected. Less qualified professionals is a problem whatever country you are in. My Maths Buddy is a solution to resolving the current problem and preventing problems in the near future.

Try it, I know you will like it.

My Maths Buddy is on!

My Maths Buddy. The new book for Maths Excellence!

The official pre-order launch of our first product in Palanga Publishing is on!

We’ve been researching, and investigating, and studying and checking everything about how to help kids with Maths. Our product – an evolutionary Maths Dictionary that not only provides dynamic definitions for full understanding, but includes the gradient he or she is at at school, parts of speech, pronunciation, examples, illustrations. Practically everything needed for full conceptual understanding.

Its even got a section that is devoted to the understanding of the key words in Mathematics – Mathematics for one, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus. We have also provided MORE. . .

I can confidently say there isn’t another as advanced and directed to the exact source of understanding – words – as this book is.

Go and see more on and order your own copy at the promotional discount of 30%!!

Do the Survey!!

Palanga Publishing is about to begin its venture into the world. Our research and investigations into what is needed and wanted has been exhaustive but exciting. We are due, within the next few weeks, to begin the promotion of our first publication.

This will be on Pre-Order for the first few months before its official launch.

Hence the survey.

So, my request is that you take the time, do the survey and watch this space for the announcement of the first publication.

It may not be what you expect. . .

It may take you by surprise . . .

But it will surely be something of value and of great help to many.

The countdown has begun!