My Maths Buddy

9780620522069For the best of the best, in the understanding and application of Mathematics – literally! – My Maths Buddy is the surefire way of attaining better understanding, affinity for and application of Mathematics from the early years through to the first years of University or College. I can confidently say this now after over two years of amazing results.

Born out of a single comment made by my wife, who was involved at the time with some study involving some mathematics terms, it evolved into us bringing together a team and compiling a powerful resource for kids. Stepping into a market we knew little of at the time, the book has become a known resource for helping kids who are struggling with maths as well as those doing well and wanting to do better. we have recorded amazing results with many many kids, and received accolades from numerous School Principals and Maths teachers on My Maths Buddy.

To give you some idea of the feedback received, here are a few:

“Our school teacher recommended My Maths Buddy for my son to assist him with maths as he had difficulties in understanding some maths terms. I got this book for him and he started to use it. This book helped him to understand maths terms that were too confusing for him before. He says that he especially likes that My Maths Buddy is a very colourful book and it makes it fun to learn maths.” Tracy De Beer, Durban

“Learners are more confident and participate more in the lesson. Big improvement in the learners’ homework that have the dictionaries. Their understanding of the subject content has improved tremendously.”  Roy Fredericks, Deputy Principal, Tetlanyo High School

“Learners told me, that doing homework, or extra work, if there is a concept they do not understand, they use the book.  Some learners use it for ‘extra’ reading to broaden their vocabulary. There was an increase in the marks from 4% to 15% from those using the My Maths Buddy book.” Agatha Oberholzer, Danielskuil High HOD for Maths

“I love looking at different words and their meanings, it keeps me busy every day, even on weekends. I love it.” Grade 6 Learner, Leretlhabetse Primary, Koffiefontein

“ Hi, I just matriculated last year. I got a distinction in maths with 88%. I didn’t do it alone… of course I had MY MATHS BUDDY. Well at first I just did math without a clear understanding of the key words. My Maths Buddy made me realise that maths is not just numbers but A LANGUAGE… Understanding the words made it possible for me to solve all the problems with EASE…with all the examples given, like the usage of pictures makes all concepts simple and maths becomes interesting. On the other hand it just became a whole lot of fun going through the question paper, with all the information that I had acquired from My Maths Buddy. I never scratched my head during the exam session. Due to human error I didn’t get the 100% I had hoped for… I recommend all maths pupils to use the Maths Buddy… It is reliable and provides all there is to know. THANK YOU MY MATHS BUDDY. I am a good mathematician…  “Given Mtshabi”.

This book can definitely help anyone, anywhere in the world, come to terms with the language of Mathematics in a successful way and lead to better understanding and results.


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